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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Cradle of the Restoration Part 6 - The E.B. Grandin Building, Publication Site of The Book of Mormon

Grandin Building in Palmyra, New York
On June 11th, 1829, Joseph Smith Jr. was able to secure the copyright for The Book of Mormon.  Joseph first approached Egbert B. Grandin, a 23 year old printer in downtown Palmyra, New York, to negotiate for the first edition of the Book of Mormon to be printed.  However rumor's and slander proceeded Joseph Smith, and Grandin decided against project of printing this "golden bible".  Joseph traveled to Rochester and met with two other printers, one refused outright and the other accepted on very expensive prices.

Store portion of the Grandin Building
On August 17th, 1829, E.B. Grandin agreed with Joseph Smith Jr. to print 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon for a price of $3,000.  Martin Harris aggreed to mortgage part of his farm in Palmyra to cover the cost necessary for the printing.  Five thousand copies was an enormous order for a small town printer, but E.B. Grandin was up to the task.  With a revolutionary new printing press that few printers had, Grandin was able to print the requested amount of copies.  6 months later, the Book of Mormon was finished and went on sale on March 26th, 1830.  A few weeks later, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would be organized officially in nearby Fayette, New York.

Printing Presses in Grandin Building
In 1978, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints purchased the building and restored it as a printing shop.  In 1998, it was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinkely as The Historical Publication Site of The Book of Mormon.  It is open to the public with free tours to experience what printing in 1830's was all about and how we got The Book of Mormon.  

Address of Grandin Building : 
217 East Main Street
Palmyra, NY

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